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The Making of Andre and Lanz

2009-11-13 03:18:53 by AndreGrunt45

I do like My creation but it sucks for many peoples..cuz i dont has any swf pictures..any gif pictures..hope i got one..if you have one swf pictures and one gif pictures please email me and send me one gif and one swf pictures at Grunt

The Making of Andre and Lanz


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2009-11-13 07:55:02

Yu are qute. Wood yu cum in my van pleas?

AndreGrunt45 responds:

Thats picture is not me LOl Thats Blaze My Sister!! but i telly my sister If its Ok


2009-11-15 00:44:52

A kid like you should not be playing Meet N' Fuck.

AndreGrunt45 responds:

Ok Thx